Fish – Species at Risk

download OAC Factsheet Fish (pdf) and Fish Species List (pdf)

Pugnose Shiner – Threatened

Prefers marshy areas with sandy bottoms and clear, still water with abundant aquatic vegetation.

Within Canada, these fish are only found in Southern Ontario – the OAC representing one of only a few remaining populations.
It is globally rare and declining as a result of loss of preferred habitat.

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Lake Chubsucker – Threatened

Prefers sandy bottoms with clear still water and ample aquatic vegetation.ithin Canada, these fish occur only within Southwestern Ontario where it has only ever been found at seven locations.

Numbers have declined as a result of degradation of habitat.

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Grass Pickerel – Special Concern

Within Canada, these fish are only found in a limited number of locations in Ontario and Quebec.
Numbers have declined due to habitat degradation and loss.

Prefers shallow water with an abundance of vegetation.

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